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Blue Orchid Counselling and Consultancy

Online/In-Person Therapy for Emotional Health

Sometimes you may feel a sense of general dissatisfaction and unhappiness in your life, but you may be unsure where this stems from, and sometimes you may have the understanding but not the motivation or resources to deal with the uncomfortable feelings. Psychological distress is part of human experience and all human beings experience distress at some points in their lives. At times however, when distress is more intense or prolonged, it can interfere with moving forward with your life and you may experience feeling as if being stuck.

Just like a blue orchid, we all are unique in our own ways with our own strengths, resources, interests, hope and tranquillity. Counselling and psychological therapy can support you on the journey towards personal growth and handling challenges. In our sessions, we will have the chance to explore whatever is troubling you and help you build on your resources and strengths to confront whatever you are dealing with at the time or in the past. Together, we will identify your patterns of

behaviour and relating to others which may be preventing you from realising your true potential and living a fulfilled life. I believe that we all possess inner ability to grow and thrive. The aim of my sessions is to promote resilience and long-term abilities that you will be able to take away with you and utilise in your future.

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